New Marine Business and Maritime Magazine from Klaipėda to Lithuania­­­­­­­­

Author: Zita Tallat-Kelpšaitė

Jūra returns to its cradle
Dear readers, the publication you hold in your hands is a new maritime magazine from Klaipėda and its first issue is dedicated to the Sea Festival – the only festival, which highlights Lithuania’s maritime nature.
It’s truly wonderful to address you on these excellent midsummer days, when our connection with the sea is the closest, offering pleasure, spiritual satisfaction and perhaps even a sense of pride about being citizens of a maritime state.
That sense is strengthened every year by an increasingly interesting and original Sea Festival. In 1994, by the Resolution of the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania, the last Sunday of July has been acknowledged as a memorable day, referred to as the Day of the Sea.
I sailed the sea,
With endless desire
To harden my courage
And strengthen my soul.
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